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Which Credit Card is best for you?

Depending on your needs, there is a credit card that fits into your daily credit needs and aids your daily spending.

Trending Credit Cards 2021

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How Credit Cards works?

The entire setting of a credit card and how it works is quite simple yet, complex. With a credit card, you have access to funds on credit.


Consider your credit card as a virtual loan wallet that you carry about. You don’t have the money BUT your financial institution trusts you with a piece of plastic with some micro-chip – Believing you will payback as per agreement.

The catch is this – when you are able to pay off the credit on the card between the stipulated term, you are not charged any interest.

The video below from MSU Federal Credit Union gives you a detailed insight into how credit card work.

Top Credit Card issuers

Credit cards have come to be a daily necessity and as such; different financial issuers are saddled with the responsibilities of assisting you with your card.

NB: This is not an endorsement on any of the below-listed credit card companies BUT an alphabetical list of Financial Institutions we frequently review.

Business Cards (17) Cash Back Cards (17) Finance (23) Reward Cards (163) Travel Cards (29)

Popular Credit Card Terms 2021

For new and old users, below are some of the top credit card terms you will frequently come across when you use a credit card.

What is your FICO Score?

Below is a well documented meaning and understanding of FICO by CitiBank.

Credit Card FAQ May 2021

How many credit cards should I have?

There is no defined number of credit cards you can have. Just make sure not to over load your wallet with APR.

How do credit card interest works?

Simple – When you have a credit and don’t pay, you incur interests which evolves monthly.

Can credit card companies take your house?

Rarely but Yes! A credit card company can take any of your possession to pay off your credit. This is often the last resort to enable you honor your contract.

Can credit card companies sue you?

Yes and rarely. The cost of trial is expensive. A Credit card company might avoid this but you need to pay up before getting here.

Can a credit card be used at the ATM?

Yes, In most cases, you can make cash withdrawals with your card.

Are credit card rewards taxable?

When treated as rebates or discounts? Yes – They can incur taxes by the IRS.

Are credit card rewards worth it?

Depends on your financial personality. Most times, you enjoy huge benefits using your rewards.

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